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The Law Office of Michael H. Maguire provides comprehensive legal services in Cape Girardeau, MO. If you are facing a legal challenge, Michael H. Maguire has extensive education and experience in multiple areas that may make the difference in your case. He practices criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. With a mission of providing thoughtful service to each and every client, he is available to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your case.

Building on a strong tradition of tenacious, results-focused representation, Mr. Maguire can assist you with vital needs such as:

  • Document Preparation
  • Courtroom Representation
  • Negotiation Advice
  • Legal Education
  • Case Planning

With his legal team on your side, you can fight back against everything from criminal allegations to unfair custody arrangements. Your rights matter, and you deserve the chance to exercise them with help from an attorney who cares -- both about you as an individual, and about the pressing needs of your case. Discover the difference that devotion can have by working with Mr. Maguire’s firm any time you need an effective defense attorney.

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About Michael H. Maguire

A graduate of Notre Dame, Michael H. Maguire has dedicated his life to helping his clients. Before earning his law degree, he worked for DYS (Division of Youth Services), giving him an insightful look into the family court system. After completing his schooling and earning his law degree, he went to work for Lowes and Drush, where he was the first associate to become a partner. When their firm closed in 2015, he decided to open his own practice. 

Today, he draws on 30 years of legal experience to provide legal guardianship and personal injury services to his clients. He also offers compelling, compassionate guidance for those pursuing worker’s compensation cases or battling criminal charges.

Legal Services Focused on You

Ultimately, Mr. Maguire’s work is centered on one thing: the principle that every client’s story is worth telling. Too often, unfamiliarity with court proceedings or filing rules leaves good people unprepared to protect their interests, leading to underserved outcomes and the inability to express vital voices in a system that’s supposed to create justice. With a qualified legal professional at your side, however, you can make yourself heard and use the law to your advantage to push for the right resolution for your situation.

Don’t let your rights fall by the wayside because of a complicated system. Get reliable legal advice that’s tailored to your needs and make your next move with the backing of a decades-running momentum that’s built on achieving results for clients in circumstances like yours. No matter the charge or dispute, bring it to the Law Office of Michael H. Maguire.

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